Midwestern University Nurse Practitioner Students Participate in First On-Campus Intensive

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June 15, 2022 | Glendale, AZ

Students pictured: Adam Zamora and Mami Kinoshita

Graduate nursing students in the online nurse practitioner specializations participated in a 3-day intensive from May 20 -22 that reviewed the many different aspects of primary care, as well as a complete head-to-toe physical examination test.

Dr. Misty Pagan, Program Director, Graduate Nursing - Glendale planned and supervised the students’ first training event on campus as part of the inaugural class.

“It is hard to believe that over two years ago, our programs were a vision. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to write our programs into existence. However, it is because of our faculty that this vision has far exceeded all expectations. I know that our students are receiving a quality and unique interprofessional academic experience thanks to our AMAZING fulltime faculty, adjunct faculty, and clinical faculty,”

Students arrived on the Glendale campus on Friday, May 20. In preparation for the head-to-toe assessment, they completed tests on pathophysiology, pharmacology, physical assessment examination, and optometry assessment and review. Because these students are completing their degree online, Friday’s events also included a tour of the Glendale campus.

On Saturday, the students continued to prepare for the big assessment by reviewing special consideration cases, such as adolescent sport physicals, adult middle age physicals, and special populations such as pregnancy and special needs. Lastly, they reviewed men’s and women’s health exams on live models as their last opportunity to prepare for the final examination.

The intensive wrapped up on Sunday with the one-hour head-to-toe health assessment check-off with comprehensive history and physical exam documentation. Students were broken into two groups to complete this, and they had to score an 80% or higher to pass their Health Assessment 1 course. The students wrapped up the intensive by participating in informational sessions on podiatry, dermatology, and ENT assessments in primary care settings.

“As our nurse practitioner students were learning new skills, you could see the passion in their eyes. During the intensives, several of our seasoned adjunct clinical faculty commented about the level and rigor of the educational experience that our students were receiving. Many also thanked Midwestern University for creating a program of this caliber. It was an honor to lead this intensive experience, and I cannot wait for November when our students are back to campus for their second intensive experience.” – Dr. Stephanie Herrick Kays, Assistant Professor, Graduate Nursing Program.