Midwestern University Earns “AA Stable” Rating from Independent Credit Agency

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June 14, 2021 | Midwestern University

Midwestern University recently received an upgraded financial rating from Fitch Ratings, one of the top independent credit agencies in the United States. Fitch elevated the University’s rating from “AA- Positive” to “AA Stable” and rated the University’s financial outlook as Stable. According to the Fitch report, the boost in the overall financial rating is the result of Midwestern's ongoing enrollment growth, which has continued throughout the pandemic, as well as its sound fiscal management over the past five years.

 “An upgrade in the Fitch rating is very significant and underscores Midwestern University’s careful financial planning and forward-thinking management. Our newest rating is one of the highest among our peer organizations and reflects a strong, stable organization. I appreciate the team effort of our faculty and staff to carefully manage our budgets, work hard to educate our students, and remain dedicated to our mission of excellence,” said Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Midwestern University.

The report also cites the strong demand for the academic programs offered by Midwestern University, conscientious capital investments, and the University’s robust balance sheet metrics as attributes responsible for the upgraded rating. Fitch is an independent agency that assesses the financial strength of companies and government entities and evaluates the institution's creditworthiness. The AA Stable rating earned by Midwestern University is the second-highest possible rating and signals a strong and stable outlook for the University.

Midwestern University is a not-for-profit graduate and postgraduate educational institution, providing graduate education programs in the health sciences. The University has two campuses: the Downers Grove Campus located in suburban Chicago, IL, and the Glendale Campus located in suburban Phoenix, AZ. Key academic programs include osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant studies, physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatric medicine, clinical psychology, cardiovascular science/perfusion, nurse anesthesia, advanced nursing practice, dental medicine, optometry, veterinary medicine, speech-language pathology, public health, precision medicine, and biomedical sciences education.