Rand Jaafar

Rand Jaafar (CDMA 2026)

I am a second-year dental student at Midwestern University! I grew up in Baghdad, Iraq and moved to Arizona a few years ago. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Medical Studies from ASU. During my time there, I got involved in tutoring and even taught a class for incoming freshmen which made realize how much I love working with other students! I love baking whenever I have free time (mainly because I get a sweet treat at the end). But you can also find me immersed in a new book or painting another picture I found on Pinterest! My advice for pursuing anything you want is to seek opportunities instead of waiting for something to present itself to you. Take an active role in every commitment you make and outwork your self-doubt. Don't let your thoughts prevent you from taking on a new experience that can help you flourish and grow to be an even more amazing version of yourself!