Open House Activities & College of Veterinary Medicine Clubs

Emergency and Critical Care Club: Come sing your hearts out to "Stayin' Alive" while learning how to perform CPR on our teaching modules.

Forensics Club: Crime scene investigation and animal cruelty are part of the rapidly developing field of veterinary forensics and the students in this club want to be on the leading edge of the field. They are dedicated to working with law enforcement agencies and assisting in solving crimes that involve animals.

Student Association for Veterinary Surgery: The students in this club have an interest in learning the latest and greatest surgical techniques to repair, fix, or heal an animal.  Come see them put their skills to work by repairing your damaged stuffed animal.

Student Chapter of American Association of Bovine Practitioners: Helping veterinarians lead the cattle industry, students in this club are passionate about cattle health, welfare, and productivity.  Step up and learn about a typical day in the life of a bovine practitioner.

Student Chapter of American Association of Equine Practitioners: Students in this club are active in the health, welfare and care of the horse population.  Come watch a horse in motion like you've never seen and learn about a typical day in the life of an equine veterinarian.

Student Chapter of American Association of Feline Practitioners: Students in this organization are passionate about learning the best techniques to care for cats.  Visit with the students and learn how a veterinarian does a physical exam.

Student Chapter of Association of Shelter Veterinarians: This clubs mission is to provide healthcare to animals who are struggling to find a home or don't have regular access to healthcare.  The students in this club help care for these animals. 

Student Chapter of the Society of Theriogenology: These students thrive on helping veterinarians improve animal genetics through advanced reproduction science and techniques in all animals.  Make sure to stop by birthing Betsy to learn more! 

Veterinary Business Management Association: This club includes veterinary students dedicated to bettering their business skills before entering the profession after graduation. 

Veterinary Imaging Club: Have you ever seen x-rays of the crazy things dogs eat? The students in this club are mastering the art of reading diagnostic images! Be sure to meet them at the radiology stop on the tour! 

 Clinic Tours

Join us for tours of the Midwestern University veterinary clinics!  The tours will highlight the Companion Animal Clinic, the Equine and Bovine Center, and the Diagnostic Pathology Center as well as some demonstrations and informational sessions.

Demonstrations and Live Animal Exhibits

Bovine Physical Exams: Join our students and a veterinarian performing a physical exam on a live cow while at the same time learning about a typical day in the life of a large animal veterinarian. 

Equine Physical Exams: Join our students and a veterinarian as they perform a physical exam on a live horse and while at the same time learning about horses.

Exotic Animal Encounter: Meet some of our exotic friends and learn about their habitats, lifestyles, and care.

Livestock Meet and Greet: Get up close and personal with livestock and learn about their care.

Equine Acupuncture Demonstration: Watch one of our veterinarians perform acupuncture on a horse and learn how acupuncture can be beneficial to animals. 

CPR on Critical Jerry: Watch a CPR simulation on one of our training models, known as Critical Jerry. Be prepared to sing "Stayin' Alive"! 

Birthing Betsy: Come meet Betsy, our plastic cow model used for training, and help her deliver her calf!

Painted Pony: See the artistic capability of our veterinary students and experience a horse in motion as you never have seen before.

Wrap Me Up!: Practice your bandaging skills in an interactive demonstration using one of our simulation teaching horses.  She has enough hurt legs to go around!

Physical Rehabilitation: Are you interested in knowing how a dog recovers from an injury or from surgery? We'll tell you about ways we work dogs to get them back into tip-top shape and show you lots of cool equipment. 

Wellness for Your Companions: Watch an interactive demonstration by students on how to do a physical exam on a cat and dog and learn how to keep your furry friends healthy. 

Stuffed Animal Surgery: Bring your injured or damaged stuffed animals and let our students do "surgery" to fix them while you wait!

Horse Husbandry: Join an interactive discussion about basic horse handling skills and care demonstrated by our students.

Veterinary Education and Careers

So You Want To Be A Vet?: Our veterinary students will give an educational presentation on the "life of a vet student",  and learn how to begin your journey as a veterinarian. Be sure to bring plenty of questions for our veterinary students.

Mobile Clinic Tour: Walk inside an actual "moving hospital" to see how our students work with local communities to provide care to animals in need.

Anatomy: Learn about the anatomy of many species, including a full size rhinoceros.  

 Clinical Specialties

Equine Castration: Have a horse that is ready for castration? Be sure to pick up information on this as well as our other services. 

Heroes of Histology: Learn how veterinarians diagnose diseases and look at actual slides of cells from real patients.

Diagnostic Imaging: See actual animal x-rays and attempt to identify what the dog swallowed. You won't believe your eyes!

Internal Medicine: See an endoscopy image from an actual patient.  Learn about conditions that animals get and how they are diagnosed. From bloodwork to scopes, internists use it all to help your pets. 

Oncology: Yes, animals get cancer too. Learn about cancer treatments and how veterinarians try to tame the same cancers that people get.

Dental: Did you know animals need their teeth cleaned just like people do? Taking care of your pet's teeth can help them stay healthy. Our doctors will explain some of the health risks associated with an unhealthy mouth.

Surgery: Not just spays and neuters.  There are so many more surgical procedures that veterinarians need to sometimes perform on pets. Students will explain some of their favorite surgeries.

Intensive Care: When animals are very sick, sometimes they need an extra tender loving care. Learn more about the Companion Animal Clinic ICU on the tour.


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