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Midwestern University is carefully monitoring the latest developments regarding the coronavirus and has developed a purpose-driven, integrated plan that addresses the safety and security needs of faculty, staff, students, and the community we serve. The Midwestern University Response Team, led by Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Midwestern University, has set a course for the University’s actions based on the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments. Key factors in their decision-making process include the development of health screening protocols, ongoing sanitation of all facilities, and enhanced training and procedures for the health and safety of all.



MWU Clinics

The clinics have remained open for emergency care and comprehensive healthcare services. The health and safety of our patients is our top priority, and we have increased our already vigorous cleaning protocols, adopted the best practices for patient safety, and implemented appropriate social distancing. Visit https://www.mwuclinics.com/ for more information.


The University will continue to use a hybrid educational model that combines virtual and in-person labs, lectures, and other educational experiences. The University will also continue to monitor the health and safety of our campus community and implement additional strategies to provide a safe learning environment for all. As COVID-19 cases continue to decrease and vaccines become more available, Midwestern University looks forward to opening our classrooms, clinics, and facilities to more students, faculty, staff, and patients.

Faculty and Staff

Midwestern University faculty and staff are being are modifying their work schedules to allow the University to meet the needs of our students, while still maintaining appropriate social distancing requirements. The University has implemented a plan that allows on-campus staffing at 60% for most offices.

Ongoing Plans

Midwestern University has implemented a careful and comprehensive plan, knowing that the well-being, health, and safety of our community comes first. We have returned to an active and thriving campus.

COVID Diagnosis Protocols

Newly Diagnosed with COVID-19

All members of the Midwestern University community should notify the appropriate person, as set forth below, if they are diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Students
    Students should email the Student Services COVID Response team at
    StudentCOVIDTeam@midwestern.edu. The Clinical Specialist or designee will contact the student to gather information to assist us in conducting contact tracing and initiating quarantine when appropriate.
  • Faculty and Staff
    Faculty and staff should notify the HR COVID Team at HRCOVIDTeam@midwestern.edu. You will be requested to complete an Intake Form to provide information regarding your on-campus activities to assist us in conducting contact tracing.

Whom should I contact with further questions?

Please continue to monitor the University's web site for additional information and updates, as well as the CDC. If you have urgent additional questions, please contact:

For students, contact studentcovidteam@midwestern.edu

For faculty and staff, contact hrcovidteam@midwestern.edu

For the public, contact communications@midwestern.edu

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