Glendale Economic Impact

Midwestern University’s Overall Economic Impact

Glendale and Maricopa County

Midwestern University is proud to partner with the City of Glendale as one of the region’s significant economic engines and as a leader in educating healthcare professionals. Recently, the University commissioned a comprehensive, independent analysis by Applied Economics, a specialized economics consulting firm, to determine its current and ongoing financial impact. The study revealed that Midwestern University has had a far-reaching effect on job creation, business development, personal income, tax revenues, and construction expenditures in the local economy. In addition to the University’s direct contribution of 711 full-time employees and $79.4 million in payroll, the spending impact of its students, employees, vendors, and campus visitors has provided a substantial boost to many businesses throughout the county, region, and state. Midwestern University’s economic impact will continue to have positive repercussions throughout many industry sectors.

$423.2 Million

Midwestern University had an economic impact of over $423.2 million on the Maricopa County economy in 2014.

2,000 Jobs-$85.7 Million in Payroll

Midwestern supported an estimated 2,000 jobs and $85.7 million in payroll at other local businesses supported by the university and clinics, their employees, students, and campus visitors.

$14.4 Million

Midwestern indirectly generated an estimated $14.4 million in state and local tax revenues.

$1 Million Generates $1.3 Million

For every $1 million of output or value of services provided by Midwestern University, an additional $1.3 million in economic activity is generated in Maricopa County.

$111.8 Million

The 3,146 students at Midwestern supported 1,000 jobs and created $38.9 million in personal income at local businesses in 2014. Total economic impact of $111.8 million.

Local Impact

Over $369 Million

Midwestern has invested over $369 million in Glendale since 1995 in the construction of 38 buildings on 156 acres for its Glendale Campus. Construction for current and planned projects over the next eight years will create an economic impact of $210.4 million in Maricopa County, supporting about 1,200 jobs and $70.1 million in personal income.

Affordable Local Healthcare

In addition to the 36,860-square-foot Multispecialty Clinic, the 100,000-square-foot Dental Institute, and the 33,300-square-foot Eye Institute, which offer affordable outpatient healthcare and comprehensive medical treatment options, a new 111,800-square-foot Companion Animal Clinic opened in 2014, which provides community veterinary care. Midwestern University Clinics serve over 23,000 patients annually


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