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Carla Gallevo

With the faculty's guidance, I know that I will not only be successful in my studies, but I will also be a well-rounded individual who can quickly adapt to any future work environment.


Joseph Delgado

At Midwestern, I know my voice will be heard and I know I will have a strong hand in deciding my path through the four-year program.


Caitlyn Albano

I fell in love with the school’s atmosphere and the energy it had. It was honestly one of my most challenging and memorable interview experiences, and it gave me the ability to meet a lot of the faculty and get a sense of the true environment there.


Deborah Chambers

Midwestern stood out from other programs in that the faculty's experience… gave me confidence that they not only knew their field but also knew how to disseminate the knowledge of their field in an expert manner.


Katelyn Necco

I have put my blood, sweat, and (many) tears into this path and I know that this program will only assist me into taking my next step to becoming a physician.


Sky Humes

I was thoroughly impressed with just about every aspect of Midwestern while going through and finishing the Biomed program. The professors and administration sincerely want to see students succeed.


Jessica Watt

I enjoy that we are taught from the start to look at our fellow students as our support system rather than competition. Knowing how versatile, talented, and supportive my class is entering vet school lowers the intimidation factor immensely.


Carla Neely

My campus interview made me choose Midwestern University because the staff and students were very welcoming and professional. As a licensed healthcare professional, I felt like I belong here.


Kevin Cabrera

I get to study medicine being supported by the people who mean the most to them and I get to make them proud.


Nicholas Schieldt

The University is dedicated to the medical profession, and I find comfort in knowing that everyone around me has the same goal.

31 of 40 of 49 results

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