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Local Hotel Options

Local Hotel Options


Glendale Multispecialty Clinic Opens Physical Therapy Institute

The Multispecialty Clinic on the Glendale Campus opened a Physical Therapy Institute in October as a new service for patients.


This program offers a fun and comprehensive learning experience about the diverse career paths in pharmacy from expert pharmacy faculty and researchers.

Institutional Disclosures

All Midwestern University Disclosure Requirements As Required By the Higher Education Act of 1965, as Amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008

Midwestern University

Midwestern University - Downers Grove, IL Campus

Campus Biosafety Video

Campus Biosafety

Student Achievement

Presented below are student retention rates, completion rates, and professional/licensure examination pass rates by campus and program length.

Voluntary Student Surveys

Per the "Research Survey Policy", Internal Surveys Faculty, staff or students wishing to begin human subjects research involving surveys of MWU students must begin the process with the IRB via submission through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Surveys intended for distribution to MWU students in multiple colleges, regardless of the method, will be brought to the attention of the Dean of Students for the campus prior to IRB review. Surveys intended for distribution to MWU students of a single college, regardless of the method, will be brought to the attention of the dean


The College of Health Sciences was founded in 1992 at the Downers Grove Campus to offer programs in health professions with a demonstrated shortage.

HR - Trip Reduction - Arizona Campus

Maricopa County has designed a Trip Reduction Program (TRP) to reduce air pollution and ease

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