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Careers in Pharmacy Program

Summer Program for High School Juniors

(Formerly known as the "Career Explorers Program")Careers in Pharmacy Program

For more than ten years, Walgreens has partnered with Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy to offer a unique summer program for high school students interested in a career in pharmacy. The dates for the 2014 program are July 7th thru August 1st.

The Careers in Pharmacy Program consists of organized, hands-on activities in which the student takes a short course in pharmacy-related topics on the campus of Midwestern University and at a nearby Walgreens pharmacy. It's designed to provide an overview to students about pharmacy education and various careers in pharmacy, as well as link students to mentors who will provide career counseling in this health profession career.

During this program, students will spend eight hours per day for four weeks (Monday through Friday only), either on campus or at their respective Walgreens location, which will be close to home. Students are responsible for their own transportation to campus and their Walgreens site. To help with the cost of transportation, a limited number of travel awards will be available. Details will be available in the application in January.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in this program, each student must:


Students will be selected for admittance into the program based on a submitted application and official school transcripts. The application will be available on this Web page in early January. Applicants who are in final consideration for admittance will be contacted to schedule a brief interview that will be conducted via telephone at a mutually agreed-upon time. A total of 20 students will be admitted into the program.



Is there a cost to participate in this program?

There is no cost to participate, aside from the required $40 fee to apply for the pharmacy technician license. This program is funded by Walgreens. In previous years, participating students were paid a stipend as compensation for their hours worked as a Walgreens pharmacy technician. However, the program has been modified, so students learn more about the importance of patient-centered care in the community pharmacy setting. As such, the time at Walgreens has become more of a shadowing experience, and less of a pharmacy technician focus (however, the pharmacy technician license is still required).


Why is the program limited to just 20 students? Has this changed from previous years?

Walgreens is a proud partner with the Chicago College of Pharmacy in offering this opportunity to 20 select students in the Chicago area. In the past, Jewel Osco was also a partner in funding this program. Due to corporate budget constraints, they have elected not to participate in offering this opportunity to students this year. In addition, in prior years there was an opportunity for some students to elect to spend their on-site time at a hospital pharmacy. Due to increasing challenges with coordinating this option, this is also no longer available.


How many applications do you typically receive?

The admittance process is generally very competitive. In 2014, we received more than 70 applications. We expect this to increase going forward.


When do I need to obtain the pharmacy technician license?

Students who are selected to participate in the program will be supplied with details about obtaining this license in their notification letter in early May. At the time of application for this license, the student must be 16 years old. It can take up to several weeks to receive the license in the mail. The license must be in the student's hand on the first day of the program, which is July 7th.

Is there any on-campus housing available for participants in this program?

No, there is not. Participants in this program are minors, and our on-campus housing cannot accommodate minors. Students who are accepted into the program must plan to commute to campus from their own homes or the home of a nearby adult family member who can provide the minor with supervision and guardianship for the duration of the program.




Application available online


Open House (tentative)


Applications due


Acceptance notification via letter


2014 Careers in Pharmacy Program Dates


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