When applicants are considered eligible for interviews after review of their completed admissions files, they are notified of available interview dates and invited by the Office of Admissions to schedule an on-campus interview. A typical interview day involves participation in the following activities, which are coordinated by the Office of Admissions: an interview with at least two interviewers, lunch with current Midwestern University students, a campus tour, and an opportunity to meet with an admissions counselor and a representative from the financial aid office. During interview sessions, the interviewer questions applicants about their academic, personal, and professional aspirations and preparedness for admission to the Program. Each interviewer rates prospective students on a standardized evaluation form. These evaluations are included in the applicant files provided to the Physical Therapy Admissions Committee. The Physical Therapy Admissions Committee meets after each interview panel to review the files of applicants who have been interviewed. The Committee reviews the full application files for interviewed applicants and then formulates and submits recommendations to the Dean for final approval. The Dean, via the Office of Admissions, notifies applicants in writing of admission decisions.