An annual didactic grade point average will be used as the central measure of academic performance. It is calculated from all didactic courses and IPPE courses for a particular professional year. Grades earned in courses taken prior to matriculation in the professional program, grades earned for courses taken at another institution while enrolled in the professional program, and grades earned for courses taken at the College in a more advanced professional year than that in which the student is enrolled, are not included in the calculation of this annual grade point average.

Students must maintain an annual grade point average of 2.000 in their professional program to remain in good academic standing. If a student's annual grade point average drops below 2.000 at the end of any quarter during the academic year, or the student earns a grade of "F" in one or more courses, the student is notified in writing that he/she is being placed on academic probation for the next academic quarter. Probation represents notice that continued inadequate academic performance may result in dismissal from the program and the College.

If the student has an annual grade point average less than 2.000 at the end of an academic year, or has earned a grade of "F" in one or more courses that year, the student will be either dismissed or given the option to be in an extended program and repeat all of the courses in that year in which grades of "F" were received. In addition, if the student earned grades of "F" in two or more courses in a three or four course sequence in Chemical Principles of Drug Action, Pharmacology, or Pharmaceutics, he/she will be required to repeat the entire course sequence as part of the extended program. This extended program year must take place in the year immediately following that in which the failing grade(s) was (were) earned. A student is allowed to go through an extended program only once. A student is allowed to take an equivalent course at another university or a summer retake only once in the curriculum.

Failure (F or WF) in 3 or more courses in one academic year, 4 courses overall, or the same course when it is repeated will result in dismissal from the College.

If the student does not meet the criteria for satisfactory academic performance at the end of the extended program, he/she will be dismissed. To be returned to good academic standing, a student must raise his/her annual grade point average to 2.000 or above at the end of the repeat year. Such a student reenters the next professional year curriculum and resumes a full load. A reentering student must pass all courses and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.000 at the end of each quarter to continue at CCP.

The following policies also guide decisions made by the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee:

  1. Any student with a pre-pharmacy deficiency(ies) at the time of matriculation must complete any and all deficiency(ies) prior to the beginning of the second professional year. Failure to do so will result in a delay in the start of the second professional year. Only under extraordinary circumstances are time extensions permitted by the Dean. To document completion of pre-pharmacy coursework, students must provide an official transcript(s) to the Admissions Office or Registrar.
  2. Students must successfully resolve all "I" (incomplete) grades before beginning APPEs.
  3. To proceed with APPEs, a student must earn an annual PS-III didactic grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.000, and must have successfully completed all pre-pharmacy and all professional core and elective PS-III level coursework.